COMEDY legend Steve Coogan visited Wrexham to show his support for the town’s parliamentary Labour candidate.

The Alan Partridge star arrived in Wrexham town centre with Labour candidate Ian Lucas yesterday afternoon to be welcomed by a large crowd of fans, who greeted him with a collective “A-ha!”

Speaking of why he decided to support Mr Lucas, Mr Coogan said: “I’m a huge admirer of Ian and the work he has done for this constituency over the last 16 years. He has proved his mettle in that regard.

“It is important to return an MP who has proved his mettle over the years and not let us slide into an abyss of another 20 years of Tory cuts.

“Ian is someone who is happy to stand up to big business, bullying cartels – he stood up to the Murdochs – and he stands up for the rights of hard-working decent people.

“Ian is a fantastic constituency MP. His record speaks for him.

”I got to know him through the work he did on the parliamentary committee over the press being held to account and at that time he, along with a few other people, put his head above the parapet.

“I’m a Labour supporter – I believe in Labour values of defending the weak and hard-working people.

Conservatives historically – whatever they say rhetorically – I don’t think they have those people’s priorities at heart.

“I think the Conservatives and Theresa May have shown themselves to be in disarray – the Tories have ditched ‘strong and stable’ because the things she has demonstrated she is not are strong and stable. She has flip-flopped on a number of issues. Please make sure you get out and vote. Anyone who is wobbly about it, tell them to re-elect their local MP, especially someone like Ian who has proved themselves.”

When asked by Mr Lucas where he’d like to begin, just before meeting his fans, Mr Coogan said: “I’ll start by holding that baby” – before being handed eight-week-old Alice O’Keeffe whose mum Elizabeth runs the Chainbridge Hotel in Llangollen.

Elizabeth said: “I’m a massive Alan Partridge fan and Labour supporter and heard he was coming to Wrexham. I wasn’t expecting him to say I’m going to hold that baby but I’m very happy he did.”

Mr Lucas said he was very pleased to welcome Mr Coogan to Wrexham, adding: “Steve is a tremendous artist and comedian – he is Labour through and through. It is tremendous to have him support my campaign.

Mr Coogan then spent some time greeting his fans, signing books and taking pictures in the town centre after speaking.”