The co-founder of a comparison website based in Flintshire has retained his status as the third richest person in Wales.

Simon Nixon, co-founder of comparison website, comes in at third on the latest edition of the Sunday Times rich list with wealth of £1.176bn.

Nixon sold his shares in the business last year having netted more than £551m since its 2007 stock market debut and his personal value has risen £150m in the past 12 months.

Fellow Flintshire businessman Steve Morgan, missed out on billionaire status according to the Sunday Times, after donating £226m to charity.

Mr Morgan was awarded a CBE last November for his charity work, with his personal foundation focused on aiding charities that support families and children in need.

He has been instrumental in putting 46 Smiley Buses on the road and has further donated to charity through the sale of football team Wolverhampton Wanderers, in which he had previously invested £30m.

Morgan, who ranks fourth in this year’s Giving List based on the proportion of his wealth given away, made the biggest single charity donation of the past year when he gifted more than 11 per cent of his Redrow housebuilding company shares to his charitable foundation.

The gift was worth £226m and the size of the transfer effectively prevented Morgan from becoming the sixth billionaire in Wales.

He is worth £831m after taking account of his charitable gift.

Sir Michael Moritz and his wife Harriet Heyman have maintained their position as the richest people in Wales.

Cardiff-born Moritz, 62, has a fortune of £2.629bn, up £679m from last year.

Moritz is a partner of Silicon Valley firm Sequoia Capital – an early backer of Google, which saw its £8m investment in the search engine soar to a value of £6.3bn at its peak.

Moritz has also made part of his fortune from investing in Apple, PayPal, Yahoo and WhatsApp.

The combined wealth of the ten richest people in Wales has risen by £1.217bn since last year’s edition of the Rich List and they are now collectively worth over £10.172bn.

Half are billionaires and just one person – construction businessman Steve Morgan – saw a fall in the size of their fortune over the past 12 months.

At 160 pages this year’s Sunday Times Rich List – the 29th annual edition to be produced – is the biggest ever. The definitive guide to wealth charts the fortunes of the 1,000 richest individuals and families in the British Isles.

Robert Watts, compiler of The Sunday Times Rich List 2017, said: “This year’s larger than ever Rich List lays bare how the fortunes of Britain’s richest 1,000 people have fared amid the astonishing events of the past 12 months.”