MANY people across Wales will be are being given a chance to vote in their local elections today.

Voters in Wrexham and Flintshire will have their say on who represents them on the county council as well as town and community councils.

Everyone registered to vote should have received a card giving details of the polling station where they can cast their vote.

Voters do not need to take the card but those who have not received one are asked to call 01352 702327/702329/702412 to find out where the nearest polling station is as it may not be the same as last time.

Most people vote in person at a polling stations – open today from 7am to 10pm. 

If anyone has any questions or requires assistance there will be staff available to help everyone.

There are a number of wards where seats are uncontested so polling stations will not be open.

A total of 52 councillors will be elected to represent 47 wards in Wrexham.  

Dr Helen Paterson, returning officer for Wrexham, said: “You will have the opportunity to vote for who you think is the best candidate to represent your community on the council for the next five years.

“Who you vote for is entirely between you and the ballot paper but – if you are eligible to take part in these elections – I would encourage you use your vote so your council is truly representative of the wishes of your community.  

“In Wrexham, as in other parts of the UK, turnout is low and I would like to see this pattern change this year so please take the time to vote.

“The council delivers important services such as education, bin collections and social care so it is important you have your say on who your council representative is by using your right to vote.”