A FURIOUS tenant has voiced his anger after blundering council workers put a cage over his front door after going to the wrong address.

Alan Shone was at work on Tuesday evening when he received a call from a shocked neighbour saying council workers had blocked off the front door of his flat with a steel cage and perspex.

After calls to Wrexham Council’s out of hours repairs team he discovered the cage was supposed to have been placed on an empty property with a similar address two miles away.

The authority had mixed up Mr Shone’s home on Bryn Awel Court in Gwersyllt with a vacant house on Bryn Awel in New Broughton.

Mr Shone, 25, who works as a security guard in Chester, said he was told the council wouldn't be able to remove the cage until the next day.

While he attempted to get home on the bus his 55-year-old mother Joyce, who lives on nearby Hazel Avenue, had to go round to the flat on crutches to try to resolve the situation, despite being given medical advice not to walk.

The council yesterday admitted the gaffe and apologised unreservedly to Mr Shone.

However, Mr Shone, who has lived at the property for about two years, said he could not believe what had happened.

He said: “I was in work starting a new job when at 5.50pm in the afternoon I had a phone call off my neighbour saying ‘are you still living here?

“I said ‘yeah, why?’ and he replied ‘because they’re putting a cage over your door’.

“I thought he was joking but my mum went round and confirmed it.”

While he was travelling on the bus home Mr Shone received a call from a member of Wrexham Council’s repair team.

“I asked if they could take it off and he told me he hadn’t got the power to take it off,” he said.

“He told me I should find somewhere else to stay. I got to the flat and there was a cage and perspex covering the whole door.”

He added: “If I was in the flat when they did it I would have been stuck.”

His mother said: “I was a nervous wreck all night, they could tell someone was living there because all the windows were open.

Fred Czulowski, Wrexham Council landlord services manager, said: “We did screen the wrong property on Tuesday. 

“We have met the tenant and have apologised unreservedly for what has happened and for the inconvenience this must have caused him. 

“We are looking at what went wrong to prevent this reoccurring.”