Llangollen residents' lives made a 'nightmare' by potholes

Published date: 04 March 2016 |
Published by: Shane Brennan
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PEOPLE’S lives are being made a “nightmare” by a road that has been left to ruin.

Residents living on Allt y Badi claim nothing has been done to repair the road which is peppered with potholes.

One resident, Andy Beech, 48, said: “It’s an absolute nightmare.”

The road is in such a bad condition that only sports vehicles can use it past the houses on the road which is a route to the village of Glyn Ceiriog.

Damage has also been caused to residents’ cars: Mr Beech’s wife Jan, 54, has had to replace two sets of springs in her car in the last three years.

And another resident, Edwina Lawson-Hart, 76, said her daughter can not bring her car up to visit her.

She added: “I have lived here for 20 years and it is getting worse. They (the council) say it’s a highway but they are not maintaining it.”

Mr Beech has campaigned with the Save our Paths Llangollen group to get the council, which is responsible for the road, to do something about the damage being done to it.

“We want the council to make the road usable to all road users but by allowing it to fall into a state of disrepair they are just making it a haven for off-roaders,” he said.

A spokesman for Denbighshire Council said: “We are aware of the concerns.

“The council is trying to control the use of Allt y Badi and the number of vehicles using this road has reduced in recent months. Signage has been placed at the location to deter off-roaders and the council will be trying its best to fill the potholes in the short term, in an effort to improve the condition of the lane.

“Unfortunately the options available to the council are limited.”

Llangollen based AM, Ken Skates, said: “These people have been ignored for too long – it’s time something was done.

“One resident told me they’d been ‘neglected for years’. They pay their taxes like everyone else, so they should be able to expect the same level of service.

“One of my constituents recently counted 12 deep potholes and 29 in total on the 150-yard stretch to the properties. They are causing damage to vehicles and it’s even unsafe to walk along the road when it’s dark.

“I have written to the council to ask when the residents can expect to see some action.”

Mr Skates is also supporting residents’ calls for speed restriction signs near their homes to deter irresponsible drivers who hammer down the road on a regular basis.

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