RESIDENTS in a quiet side road say trains that stop just feet away from their homes with their engines running are making their lives a misery.

They said that virtually every day, at about 5am and 9pm, the Virgin service from London Euston to Wrexham General Station comes to a halt on the track less than 10 feet from the back gardens of their houses on Llys David Lord, off Watery Road.

Resident, Launa Randles, said her 10-year-old daughter, Leah, has asthma and fumes from the trains are making her breathing much worse.

She said: “The train stops right at the bottom of my garden at 5am and then again beween 9pm and 9.15pm.

“It stays for about half an hour with its engine running all the time before moving away.

“This wakes you up in the morning and disrupts you in the evening.

“It’s not just very noisy but we’re also getting nasty-smelling diesel fumes coming into the house which give you a headache.

“Since we moved here in March my daughter Leah, who has asthma, has been a lot worse. She’s having to use her inhaler four or five times a day.

“Sometimes I feel like going out to the train drivers and telling them to move but you never see anyone.

“We just need someone to do something about this because it is making our lives a misery.”

Launa’s mother, Wendy Roberts, who also lives in Lys David Lord, said: “The trains send out heavy diesel fumes and are really noisy.

“I don’t know why they have to stop here. It just drives you mental, and I wish they would stop.

“We have complained to our local councillor and I just hope he can do something about it.”

Cllr Phil Wynn said: “This is just not acceptable and I have asked the council’s noise pollution officer to investigate.”

A spokesman for Virgin Trains said: “In the hope that it would be less inconvenient for people living nearby we have re-timed the morning train so it arrives at Wrexham at 6.45am and stands there for five minutes before proceeding to the station to  operate the 7am service to London Euston.

“If it is running early we will investigate the reason.

“We will also see what the timings are for the evening service to see if this is creating inconvenience for residents.”