A PUB landlady has called in real life ghostbusters after becoming fed-up with things that go bump in the night.

The Black Lion pub in Babel near Holywell dates back to the 13th century and has a long history of paranormal activity with ghost stories stretching back for generations.

But landlady Jane Forkings-Russell decided to take action after spooky goings-on at the haunted pub started increasing during her five-year tenure.

“We had a few things that have happened,” she said.

“Strange things you can’t put your finger on. The music keeps being turned up and clocks and other things which are nailed on falling off the wall and landing in the same place.”

Jane said she also felt two fingers poke her in the back when she was alone in the pub.

Wrexham-based North Wales Paranormal Group have now carried out an investigation, led by medium Mike Griffiths.

He said: “The Black Lion is a pub we have been aware of for some time. There is quite a lot of history and they have had a lot of things going on.

“During the investigation we did not have any physical encounters, but I picked up on a lady there. She is the one that had been turning up the music and throwing things on the floor.

“She did not want to pass on, so I told her to stop messing about.”

The woman is believed to be a former resident of the pub from the 19th Century.

Jane said she is not scared at the pub but admitted it can be eerie.

She said: “It was a very interesting night. The team carried out their base readings and we walked them around the pub. The medium said there were two entities he picked up on.

“One was a lady I always thought was there. He said she was very kind and that she would rather stay here than go anywhere else. It has given me the information to go to the next stage and find out more. Both stories are very easily researched.

“There are a lot of previous stories and it is well-known about the pub. I have always had an open mind about these kind of things.”

The group, which offers the free service across North Wales, is still analysing voice recordings and night vision footage from the investigation as it complies its report.