VANDALS who trashed a cemetery have caused heartache for dozens of families.

Yobs smashed keepsake ornaments and scattered flowers around London Road cemetery in Flint.

Distressed relatives are calling on Flintshire Council for increased security and lighting at the site.

Flint councillor Alex Aldridge, whose late mother and father are buried at the site, said: “These people are beyond redemption.

“Society is fed up of these mindless fools who trespass on an area of such sanctity and which holds so many memories.

“I hope these people will be brought before the courts and named and shamed.

“There are no words. This is unforgivable.”

One 27-year-old Flint resident, who did not want to be named for fear of reprisal, lost her father, aged 67, two months ago to natural causes and visits his grave three times a week.

She said: “It looked like a whirlwind had gone through the whole cemetery.

“We had just planted a rose bush and fitted a fence around the stone, but they had snapped the rose bush in half.

“I could see that ornaments had been smashed and teddy bears had been kicked around.

“I was cross not only for mine but for others that had been damaged. It’s just sick.”

Another 36-year-old Flint resident, who makes a monthly visit to the grave of her mother who died of cancer 10 years ago aged 62, added: “I had laid fresh flowers on my last visit but they had been scattered everywhere. That grave is all I’ve got to remember my mum.

“I can’t believe someone would do this.”

Victims are calling on Flintshire Council to increase street lighting and install a CCTV camera at the cemetery.

A spokesman for Flintshire Council said: “In the light of the report received we will look at any possible measures we can to improve security.

“We take all such reports very seriously and will work with North Wales Police to reduce any incidents of anti social behaviour in and around our cemeteries.”

A spokesman for North Wales Police said: “We were called following reports of vandalism at London Road cemetery and can confirm that flowers had been scattered around and that a metal flower holder had been damaged.

“We are looking into the matter.”

Anyone with information can call North Wales Police on 101.