STUDENTS at Glyndwr University are getting behind a campaign to safeguard its future.

Student Union president Adam Fuller said coupons opposing a controversial education shake-up are coming in fast.

The Leader’s ‘Hands Off Our Uni!’ coupon gives readers the chance to voice opposition to proposals in a major education report.

The Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) recommends Glyndwr becomes part of a “group structure” led by Bangor and Aberystwyth universities.

Mr Fuller, who yesterday spoke to 1,500 freshers on their first day at Glyndwr, said:
“We have received more than 100 coupons already.

“I give a shout out about the campaign at any event I’m talking at and the students are responding.

“It shows how much students care about Glyndwr. They realise it’s an exciting time to be a part of the university.”

Last week it was announced Glyndwr is to break away from the University of Wales alliance in a bid for independence.

Students enrolling this year will have the choice to take a University of Wales-validated degree or a Glyndwr-only one.

From 2012, all taught course degrees will be fully validated by Glyndwr only.

Glyndwr vice-chancellor Professor Michael Scott said there were also plans to offer Glyndwr-only research degrees.

A spokesperson for HEFCW said the university’s funding would not be affected.

Mr Fuller described the move as a landmark moment:

He said: “My first year was the first year Glyndwr was a university.

“I’ve seen changes step by step, investment in the library and student services.

This is another step in the brand of Glyndwr and it’s making people proud of the university.”

Some students had written additional comments on their Leader coupons.

Paige Davies said: “Glyndwr is a great and important opportunity for me. Changes to this university could affect my future.”

Sarah Jauncey wrote: “Wrexham has fought hard to have a university and we’re not willing to give it up.”

And George Comelt, echoing the Leader’s campaign statement, said: “Hands off our uni!”

Mr Fuller continued: “We’re the only university in North East Wales. Wrexham needs us and we need Wrexham.

“The community loves us and we bring in a lot of investment. It’s clear to everyone how quick we’re growing, that we’re improving.

“We’re debt free and not many universities can say that.

“Everyone is pushing in the right direction at every level and it’s lovely to be a part of it.

He added: “It’s a fantastic campaign and a fantastic university.”

Consultation on the HEFCW report closes on October 5.

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