AN APPLICATION for caravan plots at a traveller-owned site has been submitted.

Owner Andrew Cash has submitted a planning application to Wrexham Council for the construction of a travellers’ chalet and caravan park for four plots and the erection of an amenity building at the site in Southsea.

Earlier this month, the Leader reported how concerns were raised by residents that the green barrier site was being developed prior to getting planning permission.

Planning enforcement officers visited the on Southsea Road site on August 24 and judged the amount of hardcore put down required council approval.

Mr Cash said he wanted to “do things right” and intended to get planning permission before moving on to the site.

“It’s not going to be a gipsy site with caravans coming and going,” he said.

“If the planning comes through, it’ll just be me and my family, there will be a nice chalet here and it will be very, very well run and kept nice and tidy.”

But Brymbo councillor Paul Rogers, whose ward borders the land, said: “At a meeting of Brymbo community council concern was expressed that this site has been ‘hard-cored’ and there was a general feeling that this site should not be developed.

“A planning application has now been submitted for a chalet and caravan park. I share local concerns that this site is unsuitable for development and will be liaising with the community regarding their concerns,” he said.

“The site is outside of the settlement limit, on green agricultural land.

“There’s appalling visibility on the entrance to the site. Even if there are not caravans coming and going you would presume there will be vehicles going in and out.

“The entrance is actually in the flood plain – the access is liable to flooding and has done in the past.

“There are four plots, but each plot can contain more than one caravan.

“The proposed development is more than the land can handle, my concern is that the site shouldn’t be developed for any purpose,” he concluded.

“Obviously, planning consultation is under way – I would hope that common sense prevails in this case,” he added.

The application is pending consideration.