TWO neighbours are being plagued by an army of mice.

Traps are set and poison is put down on a daily basis at the two properties in Bron Y Wern, Bagillt, but the pesky rodents refuse to die.

One resident Pauline Sendall said: “I have got traps lying around the house, but the mice just run past them.

“They are very clever. I always say I have got a little ‘Jerry’ – they will come out from behind the cupboard and just sit and look at you.”

Her neighbour Rose Williams added: “I have got that much poison in my house it could kill an army, but it does nothing to the mice.”

Pauline and her husband Gary moved into the Flintshire Council-owned property with their four children two years ago.

Since the day they moved in, they have been plagued by mice.

She said: “They are in my bedroom, my kitchen, everywhere. I see at least one mouse every day, but I’m terrified of them – every time I see one I shout and scream.”Pauline, 30, says she is concerned for the health of her children, Leaon, seven months, Kaylee, six, Anne-Marie, 10, and Gary, 18.

She said: “I’m most worried about them being in the bedrooms when the children are sleeping.

“I have found droppings behind my bed, but the baby’s cot is in my room – it’s very concerning.”

Next door neighbour Rose, 53, has lived in her home for 28 years but says she first noticed the problem seven years ago.

She said: “I’m sick to death of it. I can hear them in my cavity walls, in the bathroom and in my airing cupboard.

“I’m not sleeping much because I know they are in the room with me and I’m petrified.”

Rose shares her home with her daughter Samantha and granddaughter Bryony Rose, two.

“I’m really worried about my granddaughter’s health – I don’t want them near here when she’s sleeping,” she said.

“It’s very unhygienic to have them in the house.”

The destructive rodents have also chewed their way through a mattress, a freezer and a sofa.

Rose added: “I can’t afford to keep throwing my furniture away – I haven’t got the money to replace the stuff that’s being damaged.”

Flintshire Council’s pest controllers are regular visitors to both houses, but the traps and poison are having little effect.

Both neighbours are unable to get cats to catch the rodents due to asthma allergies.

The pair are now calling on the council to flush out the infestation once and for all.
Rose added: “We need some help. I want them out of my property for good.”

Flintshire Council were unavailable to comment at the time of going to press.