A MAN accused of robbing a Flintshire couple of £100,000 in cash and jewellery told a jury he was not involved.

Gary Warner said it was nothing to do with him. He was not in North Wales at the time but was at home in his flat, he said.

Warner was asked how his DNA was found at the victim’s Leeswood home.

The prosecution said his DNA was in blood on a cardboard roll from black tape which had been used to tie the victims.

He said he had used similar tape to repair a wing mirror on his car and had left the tape in the vehicle, he said.

Warner said he had loaned the car to a man who lived with him at the time.

Asked by John Philpotts, prosecuting, yesterday if he was saying his flatmate was involved in the robbery, Warner said he did not know. All he knew that he himself was not involved.

The jury at Mold Crown Court has heard how a mobile phone was found in his flat, another in his car which was wrapped in foil allegedly to prevent it being identified by its signals, and a phone jammer.

Warner said he had his own iphone, the phone in the foil belonged to his flatmate and he had never seen the jammer and had never heard of such a thing.

He denied having a ‘dirty phone’ for his criminal work and denied his name and that of associates had been disguised in the phones.

Mr Philpotts suggested Warner was ‘Bond’ in one of the phones and one of his associates was ‘Tom Jones’. He said that was not the case.

In his evidence he said he did not know his co-defendant, Liverpool jeweller Laurence Levey. He said the first time he set eyes on him was in the dock.

Warner agreed Levey’s number was in his phone but he said he had been given the number – after the time of the robbery – because he was interested in buying a watch for his partner after they got back together.

On the day of the robbery he said he had taken his children to a farm park and he then returned home to his flat.

The jury heard Warner had previous convictions for attempted robbery and burglary.

Levey, 56, of Mossley Hill Drive, Liverpool and co-defendant Warner, 45, of Beteler Court, Warrington, both deny conspiring to rob scrap metal dealer Peter Davies, 64, and his wife Jacqueline, 65, in August last year. During the robbery the couple were bound up with tape by three masked men.

Mr Davies’ clothes were cut from him and his wife was threatened that he would be killed if they were not shown where the money was in the house. The three men fled with £100,000 in cash together with jewellery valued at more than £40,000.

Mr and Mrs Davies were left tied to a snooker table in their hallway and covered in oil.

The prosecution allege Warner was one of the three masked robbers at the house and Levey – who had been to the house previously to be paid cash for a £13,500 Rolex watch – was part of the plan after identifying Mr Davies as a potentially lucrative robbery target.