A father-of-seven’s death from an overdose remains shrouded in mystery.

Triple divorcee Anthony Jonathan (Tony) Pullen died on the morning of April 2 at his home address on Brynmally Park, Pentre Broughton.

An inquest in Wrexham yesterday ruled Mr Pullen, 53, died from an overdose of the painkiller, Dihydrocodeine. An open verdict was recorded.

A former baker and miner, Mr Pullen had suffered a serious motorbike accident in the 1980s which left him unable to work.

At the inquest, which was attended by a large number of family members, Mr Pullen’s son, Nathan, 19, with whom he lived, said that at about 6.30am he awoke to hear the sound of loud banging coming from his father’s room.

“I couldn’t get in the room. He was by the door,” Nathan said.

PC David Allmark attended and noticed a man’s head behind the door.

A colleague then used a ladder to gain access and Mr Pullen was found lying on the floor.

The officers could not find a trace of a pulse and although CPR was administered and paramedics arrived, Mr Pullen was pronounced dead at 7.43am.

Post-mortem examination reports showed Mr Puilen had 4.9mg of Dihydrocodeine in his system.

North East Wales assistant deputy cororner Kirit Champaneria said anything more than 0.8mg could be fatal.

Mr Pullen was found to have some facial abrasions. Family members said they could not understand how they had occurred and disputed that Mr Pullen would have taken an overdose.

Mr Champaneria replied: “Nobody is saying why he had that level of Dihydrocodeine.

“All I’m saying is it is a matter of fact that is what the cause of his death was.”

He said the evidence made clear Mr Pullen was alive between 6.30am and 7am but his breathing stopped shortly afterwards.

“As to why he died, I’m not sure we are any the wiser, to be honest,” Mr Champaneria said.

Mr Pullen leaves four children from his marriage to his first wife, Patricia. He had another three children with his second wife, Claire.

After two divorces he later married third wife Angela, but the couple also went through a divorce.