A CAMPAIGN to prevent a new supermarket being built near Broughton Shopping Park is gathering pace.

An application by Aldi stores to build a 1,473sq metre supermarket on land west of the retail park will be considered by a Flintshire Council planning committee next month.

Members of the Broughton Action Group say developers should not be allowed to build on the green barrier land – as stated in the Flintshire Unitary Development Plan (UDP) – which should be retained at all cost. Instead, they say developers should build on the retail park itself.

Group chairman Judith Richards said: “We as residents are really concerned about the continued pressure on the area and how much it can actually withstand development wise. We are being strangled.”

Mrs Richards said Aldi is prevented from building on the retail park because of a lease with an exclusion clause dictates the Tesco store can be the only food retailer on the park.

She added: “Aldi believes the area of land opposite the retail park will give them access to the footfall from the retail park but will get them out of the clause.

“But we feel it needs to challenge this lease and try and build on the park.”

Shopping park manager Colin Gilligan said: “As I understand it Aldi bought that land and submitted an application to build on that land.

“The situation does not affect Broughton Shopping Park because it is not relevant to our property.

“I am not prepared to comment on the lease arrangements.”

No-one from Aldi was available for comment.

Mrs Richards is now encouraging all those who object to the Aldi store, which will also include a a 464.5 sq metre non-food retail unit next to the supermarket and a 103-space car park, to write to Flintshire Council via its website.

It is the second major planning development at Broughton.

Development Securities want to build 280 new homes on land to the south of Broughton Shopping Park.

Flintshire Council failed to reach a decision on the application, which was submitted in 2004.

A public inquiry into the plans will begin on September 28.