A SPURNED fiancé assaulted a nurse at a care home, thrusting a crucifix in the face of staff and calling them “devil’s spawn”.

Andrew Burns-Farrell, 42, appeared at Wrexham Magistrates’ Court on charges of assault and using threatening words or behaviour at Pendine Park care home on April 13.

Matthew Ellis, prosecuting, said nurse Lisa Bellis had gone to check on disabled resident Emma Locker late in the evening and found the door locked.

She could hear Miss Locker crying and when asked to open the door, Miss Locker said she couldn’t.

She was aware that Burns-Farrell, Miss Locker’s partner at the time, was on the premises and alerted the nurse in charge.

Miss Bellis, with two other members of staff, demanded the door be opened, and a master key was used.

Miss Locker was found sitting up in bed crying.

Burns-Farrell, of Spenser House, Donne Place, Chester, was also on the bed and alcohol could be smelled on his breath.

He was asked to leave and he called the staff “devil’s spawn” and “cockroaches” and thrust a crucifix he was wearing in the face of all three.

He poked a finger into the left cheek of Miss Bellis and spat at her, then pushed her with his body in the direction of the bed.

She put her hand up and he grabbed it and twisted her arm back.

Police were called but Burns-Farrell still refused to leave the building, repeating that staff would burn in hell and brandishing his crucifix.

He asked Miss Locker: “Do you want to choose these cockroaches over me?”, and said “why should I leave? Your 999 call is taking a long time”.

Ventis Brown, defending, said Burns-Farrell was clearly remorseful about the situation.

Before that night he had regularly attended the care home and always got on with the staff.

“On the night in question he wanted an answer to a question on marriage. That was what her (Miss Locker’s) tears were about.”

He said Burns-Farrell acknowledged his behaviour caused distress, but denied he had twisted Miss Bellis’ arm. He said the only physical contact was the prodding and bumping into Miss Bellis when he got up and turned.

If he did spit it was not intentional, Mr Brown said.

Burns Farrell admitted he should have left sooner when asked, but when taken in by police was fully co-operative.

He no longer had anything to do with Miss Locker, his partner of three and a half years. The two had been engaged.

Burns-Farrell received 10 weeks in custody suspended for 12 months, with supervision.

He was also given a restraining order not to enter the grounds of Pendine Park and was ordered to pay £100 compensation to Miss Bellis and £300 court costs.