THE cream of Wrexham bands will come together later this week for a concert celebrating the life of one the area’s best-loved musicians.

Mark Sheldon, of Black Park, Halton, near Chirk, died in July at the age of 43.

A passionate musician, he had been a singer with a number of local bands since his late teens, most notably Rat Salad and Thunderpig, with which he had been associated for more than 20 years.

His family and friends from the music world have arranged a gig in his honour, entitled Shooting Star, to be held at Brymbo Sports and Social Club on Friday.

It will feature seven top bands, including The Maffia, Valentine ‘69, Drowsy Maggie, Patchwork and the Paul Shurman Band.

Musicians from a number of other outfits will come together in a one-off band named Sausage Pocket to provide the evening’s grand finale.

The concert, which has an open invitation to anyone who knew Mark, starts at 7pm and goes on until 1am.

Mark, whose funeral was on August 9, left his wife, Clare, teenage son Curtis and two younger daughters, Jasmine and Ella.

He was employed as a motorway construction worker but spent most of his spare time on his music.

His brother Stuart said: “He was friends with all the local musicians. After the sad times of his death and funeral we wanted to put together a concert to celebrate his life in a way which he would have enjoyed.”

Paying tribute to his brother, he added: “I don’t know anyone who had a bad thing to say about him.

“He was incredibly generous and fiercely proud of his working class background. He also had a record of defending the underdog.

“He was an extremely generous and loving husband and father and also a fantastic cook.

“He is sadly missed by all who knew him.”

A website dedicated to Mark can be found at mark/hogshead.html.