AN IMPORTANT football cup match was held up when a group of yobs shone laser pens on to the pitch.

After 90 minutes, the Welsh Cup second qualifying round clash between Mold Alexandra and Gresford at Alex’s Alyn Park ground in Denbigh Road was tied 1-1 and about to go into extra time.

But the referee refused to signal the kick-off when he spotted the youths shining a laser pen on to the pitch.

Although readily on sale for use in business presentations, health experts say the devices should never be pointed into anyone’s face or eyes, as the beams are more damaging than direct sun rays.

Mold chairman Bary Couchman said: “There was a group of about five lads in the crowd who were shining the pen on to the pitch.

“I’m not sure if they were aiming at anyone in particular because I didn’t see them doing it.

“The referee did see what was happening and asked our club officials to stop them.

“Our team manager Dave Abrhams, who was next to them in the stand, had a word with them and asked them to throw it down to him, which they did.

“The referee then allowed extra time to start – it was only delayed for a couple of minutes.

“A bit later on, the lads started moaning the pen had been taken off them.

“I had a word with them and told them they could get it back if they left the game.

“They decided to get in their car and leave, so I gave it back to them.”

He added: “We always have a very well behaved crowd at our ground, so this was unusual.

“It was obviously a group of lads who had nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon.

“Nobody recognised them as being anything to do with our club and the Gresford people said they were nothing to do with them.”

Gresford won the match 3-2 after extra time.