ANOTHER shopper faced by steep charges from UK Parking Control’s Mount Street car park in Wrexham says she is “fuming” over her treatment by the company.

Janet Price from Garth received a letter at her home saying that because she had ignored a parking ticket issued in July and a first letter offering £50 settlement if paid within 14 days, she now had to pay a full £90 fine.

The pensioner and part-time worker said: “To my certain knowledge there was no ticket and no first letter either.”

But she added: “Well, you can’t ignore these things so I paid on the card straight away, but then a friend said you shouldn’t have done that.

Worried, she cancelled her card and sent a cheque instead, hoping it would be safer.

“Then I started to get nasty letters,” she said and the demands raised to £150 – £60 had been added for debt collection services.

“I can’t afford that. I’m really fuming – £150 is a week’s wages for me.”

However, she said, UKPC had cashed her £90 cheque and she sent a copy of her bank statement to them to prove it.

“I phoned them and asked them to acknowledge receipt and was told they didn’t do that.”

“Now this debt collection company are saying I should send all the documents to them – well, I sent them before to the parking company.”

Janet said she does not go into Wrexham centre to shop anymore.

“If they’re wondering why people don’t shop at Wrexham, that’s why – I’m one of many.”

A UKPC spokesman said: “Mrs Price was sent a letter on July 5 informing her that her card payment had been declined.

“We have no record of a cheque or a bank statement being received.

“We are happy to look into this matter further. However Mrs Price will have to follow the normal appeals procedure.”

Meanwhile, Henry Harding, managing director of Colour Supplies, which has a Wrexham store not far from the UKPC car park, said: “We have no jurisdiction over this car park whatsoever.”