WHEN circus ringmaster Mike Lea fell ill with a cold, the show went on thanks to schoolboy Edward Pinder.

Eight-year-old Edward, whose gymnast mother Erika, and father clown Eddy, headline the Pinder’s Circus tour, was well-versed in the script and took to the microphone with ease.

Now the youngest ringmaster in the UK steps in on a regular basis and is set to wow the audience when the show comes to Mold today.

Ringmaster Mike told the Leader: “Edward saved the day.

“It must have been a virus I caught because I just lost my voice completely.

“Without someone there making the announcements, the show doesn’t run quite as smoothly.

“Edward stepped in and now he has taken over the show.

“His mother made him a little outfit with a top hat and he even has his own diabolo act now.”

Edward goes to school at circus headquarters in Uppingham, East Midlands, but attends local schools while on tour and has some extra tutoring from his mother.

Mike added: “Now he steps in on a regular basis because the young girls and the mothers adore him.

“We have just finished performing at Connah’s Quay. After the show he took his BMX to the play area at Wepre Park and played with all the other boys.

“He is just a normal boy who is very down-to-earth.”

Pinder’s Circus, which launched in 1850, features juggling, plate spinning, sword and dagger balancing, magic and slapstick comedy.

Hungarian-born Erika Pinder is a graduate of the Hungarian State Circus School and was presented with an award by the Circus Friends Association for the best aeriel act in the UK. Husband English-born Eddy Pinder performs a slapstick routine as a clown in his comedy car.

The show also features an award-winning diabolo act called Zsolt, a Rola Rola act called Nicolino and his dagger-balancing wife Larissa.

Pinder’s Circus will perform at Mold Alex Football Club today and tomorrow at 4.45pm and 7.30pm, on Saturday at 2pm and 5pm and on Sunday at 2pm.