WREXHAM FC bosses are to use a hi-tech solution to clamp down on racism at The Racecourse ground.

One angry fan has told the Leader  he was “outraged” to hear a home supporter shout a racist remark at one of Wrexham’s players at the match against Fleetwood Town on Monday.

Managing director Jon Harris has reacted swiftly by announcing that a new system should be in place for Saturday’s home game against Kidderminister. Anyone hearing racist remarks being made can text details of the block and seat number to the ground’s security team, who will then use CCTV to home in on the offender.
Mike Griffiths, 62, of Llay Green, a member of Wrexham Supporters Trust, said of Monday’s incident.

“It (the racist remark) came from a man sitting in the Mold Road stand not far from me but it was impossible to say who shouted it.

“I’ve been a fan for more than 50 years and think it’s outrageous that this sort of behaviour is happening. For someone to be hurling racial abuse on to the pitch is simply unacceptable and at a time when we’re desperate to boost interest in coming to the matches, it needs to be cut out now or it’ll put people off coming.”

He added: “It’s really not nice to hear, especially with all the troubles the club has already been facing. It’s a disgrace and such a shame because the team was playing really well.

“As a member of the trust, if they do take over, I’ll be pushing for this to be stamped out.

“It can’t be allowed to creep back into the game.”

Club managing director Jon Harris said: “We have been made aware of a complaint about racist comments made by a home supporter towards a player and we are not prepared to tolerate this sort of behaviour.

“This is something that the football club certainly does not condone.

“Our security team will be briefed to look out for similar incidents at the Kidderminster game this Saturday.

“We are also looking at a hotline on which supporters can text details of where anyone making such remarks is sitting.

“We we will use our sophisticated CCTV system to identify offenders and then take advice from the police on how to deal with them.”