VANDALS have smashed a charity shop window causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

Staff and volunteers at Re-Dressed in Shotton spent hours decorating the window of the Chester Road West store with military memorabilia, which was all part of a wartime weekend best dressed window competition.

After being hailed winners of the event the security shutters were left open so passers-by could enjoy the display.

But overnight on Saturday, the window was smashed by vandals.

Shop manager Carolyn Jones said: “We had RAF uniforms and military medals – it looked amazing, but then someone put the windows through.

“It’s so disheartening after we had gone to all that effort. We had only left the shutters open so people could enjoy the display.”

Staff had borrowed the wartime memorabilia from members of the public, but fortunately nothing was stolen.

Carolyn added: “My biggest fear was if any of these things had been taken because it’s stuff that’s irreplaceable – all the money in the world wouldn’t have replaced it. I think they must have got disturbed because nothing was taken.” The window has now been boarded up, but the repair bill is expected to cost £600.

Mrs Jones added: “There’s glass everywhere, but I have cordoned it off and we are still open. We can’t afford to close.”

Re-Dressed is part of the Saltney-based Dee-tex project, which sells low-cost second-hand clothing and donates the proceeds to more than 20 local charities and community groups.

Deetex managing director Brian McManus said: “Whether this was an attempt to steal some of the valuables on display or sheer vandalism we do not know – I do know this incident has caused chaos in our shop.

“These mindless idiots are jeopardising the good work we do.

“With the cost of the repairs approaching £600, this is a sum of money that could have gone to help a local cause.”

Anyone with information should call North Wales Police on 101.