A HARD-HITTING rap CD has been produced by young people in Wrexham who have experienced homelessness to warn others to take responsibility for their lives and stay on the right path.

The Lyrics of Refound Spirits were penned by 23-year-old Jamie Evans, a resident at Hurst Newton, a supported living scheme managed by Clwyd Alyn Housing Association in Bersham Road, Wrexham.

Eighteen-year-old Nikita Gibson from The Foyer, a separate Clwyd Alyn scheme near Wrexham town centre, helped with the words and also sang on the CD.

Ade Harvey, life skills coordinator for Clwyd Alyn’s Wrexham Schemes, scored the music for the track and played the guitar when the three of them visited The Vic studios in Wrexham to have the CD professionally produced.

The track tells the tale of a fictitious young person who makes the wrong life-choices and ends up in jail after stealing a car, but who then takes responsibility for their actions and rebuilds their life.

Jamie’s vision was that the person’s spirit was lost but, by the end of the rap, it had been “refound”.

A total of 120 copies of the CD were produced and given out to supported living residents from across North Wales when they attended the ResFest event at Glyndwr recently and Jamie, Nikita and Ade performed the track.

Jamie said: “I wrote this song with the idea that it would reach out to the younger people who may be on the way to going down that road.

“I have taken that path myself and, believe me, it’s a waste of time.

“Peer pressure and doing things just to make yourself look like the bigger person and at the time it might feel good, but consequences can be dire.”

Ade Harvey said working with Jamie and Nikita on the rap had been a real inspiration.

He added: “Many of the residents of our supported living schemes have some brilliant creative talents and just need the chance to shine.

“When the rap was performed at ResFest it really got the message across to others.”

The Refound Spirits CD can be found on You Tube.