GIRL Scout Suzie Gregory battled wind and rain during a once-in-a-lifetime survival camp with TV adventurer Bear Grylls.

The 18-year-old from Llangollen is one of only a handful to make the grade and attend the overnight camp which tested her limits.

“To have a chance at a place you needed your Queen Scout award, which is the highest award in Scouting,” said Suzie.

“Only eight were chosen from the whole of the UK, so when I got my letter I was in total shock. It is a huge honour to have been chosen.”

Suzie is the second Scout from Clwyd to attend the exclusive camp off the coast of Abersoch since Bear Grylls was named the nation’s chief Scout.

On arriving and meeting Bear, Suzie and her fellow Scouts were set to work making their camp for the next 24 hours.

One of the activities involved abseiling down and then climbing back up a steep rock face amid challenging weather conditions, and Suzie even completed the feat with an unusual cargo when she was asked to carry supper with her – a dead rabbit.

She said: “The rain was coming down hard and it was very windy, but nothing would stop us from attempting Bear’s challenges. If you think abseiling is hard you should try it while holding a dead rabbit in your hand.”

The rabbit, which Suzie skinned, was cooked and eaten for supper after instruction from Bear.

Other activities included making fires, swapping stories and then camping overnight before waking up at 7am for some special physical training.

“PT is physical training or, as some called it, physical torture,” said Suzie, describing the ordeal which included a run and various strength exercises.

The Scouts then finished off their trip with a swim in the sea.

“Bear said it would be warm,” Suzie added, “but he lied – it was freezing, but I have to admit it was refreshing and the view was stunning.”

The exhausted Scouts returned home with photographs and autographs from the revered chief Scout.

“We all had an awesome time and could happily have spent a week out there, though perhaps without the PT,” she joked.

“Bear is genuinely fun to hang out with and is a great role model to Scouts. I’d like to encourage more girls to join the Scout organisation; it's so rewarding and really prepares you for whatever life might bring.”

Suzie is Network Scout Member in Clwyd and an assistant leader with Llangollen Beaver Scouts.