A FAMILY of four had a lucky escape after a car crashed into their home.

Wendy and Graham Beadle and their two young children were in the house in Coed Talon on the A5104 Ffordd Corwen in Treuddyn when the BMW hit.

Speaking about the moment of impact Wendy said: “It was a big loud bang. I was in the kitchen and I could see smoke coming past the window. It all happened in an instant. I ran out and there was a car in the side of the wall.

“The whole building shook, it was really loud. The man was running around and a woman had chest pains from the air bag impact. They were badly shaken.”

Nattaya, five, and her one-year-old brother Spencer often sit outside the house with their mother.

Wendy said: “The fear is that the children may have been playing outside the house. Quite often I sit with the children on the front wall waiting for Graham to come home.

“If anyone would have been outside they would have probably lost their lives. We are glad nobody was outside, it could have been worse.

“If it would have been a wagon it could have gone through the house.”

The driver of the car, who is not from the local area, told the family he had no idea how the car left the road and stressed he was not speeding at the time.

Residents have now launched a campaign to improve safety on the road and are calling for an average speed camera to be installed.

Wendy said: “There is speeding on the road. Wagons come down the road at quite a speed and then bang on their breaks.”

Neighbour Sylvia Jones added: “If a wagon hit one of the houses it is our homes and lives at risk.

“An average speed camera would be ideal. We are trying to make the road safe because there are a lot of children here.”

Treuddyn councillor Carolyn Thomas was involved in a campaign which successfully brought the limit on a section of the road down from 60mph and has called for further action.

She said: “Many drivers speed down the hill, hit the breaks for the speed camera and then accelerate again afterwards. I will be passing on residents’ concerns.

“I expect Flintshire Council and North Wales Police to find a solution.”

A spokesman for Flintshire Council said: “The installation and deployment of speed cameras, whether mobile or fixed, is a matter for Go Safe – the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership – and is subject to certain criteria being met relating to the overall level of speeds, the collision/casualty history of the road and its physical characteristics.

“Flintshire County Council, as part of the Go Safe partnership, would be involved in any considerations, particularly in relation to a fixed speed camera.”