THE latest attack by mindless fire-starters has sparked calls for extra police vigilance in the evenings in Brymbo.

A crew from Wrexham Fire Station was called to the village’s Mount Zion area just before midnight on Wednesday to put out a blaze which ripped through 10 square metres of gorse.

A spokesman for North Wales Fire and Rescue Service says it was started deliberately.

This was the latest in a spate of minor arson attacks plaguing the borough and highlighted by the Leader earlier this week.

Firefighters dealt with six incidents in Gwersyllt and at Alyn Waters Country Park where grass and trees were torched.

A small quantity of grass was also set alight on Cefn Mawr High Street on Wednesday.

Crews were called to the scene at about 8pm and the fire service say the blaze was started deliberately.

Brymbo councillor Paul Rogers said: “The fire in Mount Zion on Wednesday night wasn’t the first we’ve had in the area.

“Several weeks ago quite a substantial area of gorse was set on fire in the Brymbo Pool area.

“This is leading to some concern in the area and residents are saying it would be useful to have more of a police presence in the area in the evening.

“There is only one PCSO to cover the whole of Brymbo and Tanyfron, which is a large geographical area.

“The officer does a very good job but may be stretched at times to cover the whole of the patch.

“I have spoken to the local police inspector about this and he has assured me the PCSO will be targeting known hot-spots.”

Cllr Rogers added: “These fires which are being deliberately started are a drain on fire service resources and also potentially dangerous.”