AS EARLY morning milk deliveries go this was about as organic as you can get.

Confused residents in Hawarden woke yesterday morning to the strange sight of a small herd of cows wandering around the village playing fields.

Villagers said it was a complete mystery how the cows came to be there.

“It really is quite perplexing. I’ve never seen anything like it before,” said one resident, who did not want to be named.

“I think they must have spent the night on the field because there were lying down on the grass looking rather tired at 7am this morning.”

Five intrepid bovines escaped from a nearby field during the night and settled on Gladstone playing fields on The Highway.

The curious cows also ‘moo-ved’ on to ground at Hawarden Community Council’s offices, next to the playing fields.

Sue Jones, the council’s administrator, said: “I got a phone call early in the morning telling me the cows were on the field.

“When I arrived for work at 8.30am they were standing over by the skate park.

“I’m not sure how they ended up there but we called the farmer to let him know they had escaped.”

Farmer Philip Handley, who owns the cows, admits their bid for freedom has left him scratching his head.

“The cows were in a field on Bennetts Lane but we’re not quite sure how they got out or at what time,” he said.

“I got a call at 10.30am so we headed up to the field and brought them back down.”

Mr Handley said the cows were none the worse for their adventure.

Hawarden county councillor Clive Carver said he was not aware of anything like this happening before.

“Cows are very inquisitive animals and if one has found a way out of its field then I’m not surprised others have followed,” he said.

“It’s quite possible they thought the grass was greener on the other side.”