AN INNOCENT motorist was mistakenly banned twice from a petrol station after a computer blunder.

Annette Roberts was accused of driving away from the Asda fuel station in Wrexham without paying for her fuel.

Ms Roberts, of Montgomery Road, said: “On two occasions now I’ve been stopped at Asda because their system has records saying I’ve driven off without paying for fuel, which is not true at all.”

Ms Roberts’ number plate has been mistakenly entered onto the supermarket giant’s number plate recognition system, meaning when she enters the forecourt staff are warned by their system that she is banned.

Ms Roberts added: “The first time happened in June, but that was sorted out. Asda apologised and sent me £40 to say sorry. After that was resolved I went back there and all was well.

“Then a few days ago exactly the same thing happened. I drove to the petrol pumps, but an attendant came and told me I was banned for the same reason as before.

“I would like to have details of exactly which Asda store these offences were committed at. I don’t lend my car to anyone and I don’t drive away without paying for petrol.

“I’m really fed up about it, this needs to be sorted out. How have my details got on to the Asda system?”

Following an investigation Asda bosses blamed an error on the security system.

The spokesman said the company had no excuse for the same error happening twice and assured the number plate had now been removed from its list.

They said: “We have a top-notch system in place to catch people that drive off without paying for their petrol and unfortunately in this case it was a little over-enthusiastic. We can only apologise.”