GRAFFITI vandals are back and running amok across Deeside.

The Leader reported earlier this week how yobs scrawled racist words and imagery on the well-used cycle route that follows the Dee Estuary to Chester.

But after being cleaned up by Flintshire Council’s neighbourhood warden team three times, the culprits have struck again this week.

Offensive words have now been scrawled in paint along the path and the Dee Coastal Path sign.

The yobs have also targeted Queensferry in the past week scrawling graffiti on the pavement outside the gold shop on Station Road.

Flintshire Council says it has received eight reports of graffiti in the Sealand and Garden City areas since May, six of which were in the past five days.

Sealand councillor Chris Jones, who raised concerns about the clean-up costs, said: “Shopkeepers need to be more vigilant about who they sell paint to.

“It’s costing a fortune – it must be thousands every time.

“These idiots don’t realise it comes out of residents council tax every time they do it.
Someone has to pay for the man power and resources to clean it up.”

Queensferry councillor Dave Wisinger says he is disappointed to see the wake of destruction after money has been ploughed into Queensferry to tidy it up.

He added: “People are trying really hard to improve Queensferry’s image. We have had block paving put in and new lights – a lot of money has been spent on doing it up to try and attract new businesses.

“It’s such a shame to see this happening. It’s mindless behaviour.”

A spokesman for Flintshire Council said: “Since May and up to the beginning of August the neighbourhood warden team received eight reports about graffiti in the Sealand and Garden City areas with the graffiti being removed within a day of the team being made aware of it.

“Since August 5 we have received six reports of graffiti from Cllr Jones and members of the public and these incidents will be addressed as soon as possible.

“It is important that members of the public contact the council if they see graffiti in their local area.”

Contact the council on 01352 701818.