VANDALS have targeted a country park’s pond for the second time in a week.

Volunteer group Friends of Alyn Waters have been working tirelessly for almost two years to create a dipping pond so local children can learn about the park’s wildlife and the ecosystem, but they have faced constant set-backs at the hands of vandals and thieves.

Last weekend, a large section of lining material, which is vital for creating the pond, was stolen and as a result the majority of the water which had been collected drained away, effectively taking the project back to square one.

And on Saturday, Jim Porter, the group’s vice-chairman, was devastated to discover the lining has been slashed yet again.

He said: “The piece of material they’ve tried to take is exactly the same size as last time so I can’t help but think it could be the same people.

“But it looks as if they’ve been disturbed this time as the liner was still at the pond side ready to be taken away.”

According to Mr Porter, the project is designed to benefit the whole community and to boost the already fantastic facilities at the park.

Although the group is hurt that another attack has taken place members are determined not to give in to those responsible.

Mr Porter added: “We cannot allow these anti-social destructive individuals to win.
“We will not abandon this project because of these individuals especially when considering the benefits and rewards it will bring when completed.

“With all the vandalism going on in the park we need to raise public awareness of what is going on and hope this will better our chances of exposing the culprits and stamping out these anti-social crimes.

“We hope somebody has seen something and if so, they’ll come forward for the sake of the rest of the community.

“We won’t give up on this park as there is so much worth fighting for.”

North Wales Police are appealing for anyone with information to contact them on 101 in Wales or 0845 6071002 from outside Wales.