WREXHAM FC was yesterday given another 24 hours by the Football Conference to fully complete a list of requirements it must meet before it can kick off next season.

Last Thursday, Conference chiefs gave Wrexham until 5pm yesterday to comply with a list of four key demands.

These are:
Deposit a bank guarantee of £250,000 into the competition’s account.
Proof of payment to all outstanding football creditors, including staff and players’ wages.
A signed lease acceptable to the Football Conference as to where the club intends to play its homes fixtures for the 2011/12 season.
A detailed business plan and revised budget for the coming season.

A statement issued by the Conference last night confirmed the club had responded to the list but added: “At 5pm matters had not been fully concluded to the satisfaction of the Football Conference and further clarification has been sought in respect of issues in relation to the bond, lease and final settlement of outstanding wages.

“In the main these relate to legal documents and proof thereof.

“The Football Conference is hopeful that Wrexham FC will complete satisfactorily within the next 24 hours those matters which are still required, so demonstrating they are in a position to fully comply with their financial and legal obligations to the membership, allowing the competition to proceed without further delay or hindrance this coming weekend.”

Wrexham fans have been on tenterhooks all weekend waiting to hear if the club has been successful in meeting the ultimatum from the Conference.

Suzanne Edwards of Acton said: “Last week we had the news that Glyndwr University was taking control of the Racecourse which I am cautiously optimistic about, but just a few days later the club gets hit with these demands.

“It seems to be every time we take a small step forward there is another setback for the club. Like every fan I hope the club stays safe.”

A spokesman for Wrexham FC said yesterday: “The club has spent the day assembling and replying to the Football Conference Board in respect of their letter of last Friday. We now wait on their response.”

A statement released by the club at the weekend said it had been liaising with the conference.

It said: “We are happy to confirm that of the four issues raised three have been actioned immediately as a result of the sale and the fourth will be concluded prior to the deadline set.

“The remainder of the player payroll is in the process of being paid.”