A MAN has been branded a danger to children and jailed for six years.

And Judge Philip Hughes said in order to protect the public he would extend Colin Kenton’s period on licence on his release for an extra four years.

Kenton, 27, of Warren Drive, Broughton, denied charges of indecent assaulting and sexually assaulting a little girl but was convicted after a short adjournment at Mold Crown Court last month.

Kenton received what was formally called a 10-year sentence.

The judge said he would serve six years in custody with an extended licence period to ensure he was monitored and supervised for a decade.

Kenton was ordered to register with the police as a sex offender for life and an indefinite Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) was also made to curb his future activities and to prevent him from having unsupervised access to children.

Kenton was told his offending was aggravated by his previous convictions.

The judge said in 1999 he had been placed on supervision after sexually assaulting a very young boy. And in 1997 he had been cautioned for an indecent assault on a very young girl.

The present allegations involved a young girl aged under 10 over a three-year period.

The judge said he had indecently assaulted the child and was sometimes rough and violent towards her.

He had told her it was a secret, that she must not tell anyone, and it was many years later when she found the courage to report what had happened to her.

The judge said  he regarded Kenton as “a dangerous offender – a significant risk to members of the public, particularly children”.

Kenton in evidence denied that any such thing had taken place but the jury of five men and seven women rejected his evidence.

Oliver King, defending, told the judge Kenton still did not accept the convictions.

Mr King suggested Kenton fell short of being dealt with as a dangerous offender.

Kenton, he said, had led a productive life , holding down several jobs. He had been with his present employer for six years and his job was being held open for him, such was their regard for him.

Mr King said he appreciated that the judge had a public duty but he asked him to be merciful.

Simon Mills, prosecuting, told the court  probation service officers, in a pre-sentence report, said Kenton posed as a high risk of physical, sexual, emotional and psychological harm to children, particularly to pre-pubescent females.

The SOPO was aimed at preventing him being in a situation of being alone with children and falling to temptation.