VILLAGERS are furious after thieves targeted their community centre three times and left it needing hundreds of pounds worth of repairs.

Thieves have been seen climbing onto the roof of Bagillt Community Centre on the High Street where they stole lead and damaged slates in the process.

Bagillt Community Council has now had to call in builders to repair holes in the historic building, previously used as the church hall.

Terry Renshaw, a Bagillt community councillor, says it will be villagers who end up counting the cost for the thefts.

“The public in the village are angry,” he said.

“We’re talking many hundreds if not thousands of pounds of damage. It’s not just the value of the lead it’s the damage that’s been done to the slate as well.

“It’s major damage. The thieves aren’t going to get the value from the lead it’s going to cost us to repair the roof of the community centre.

“It’s a community association who run the building but under the ownership of the community council. We have insurance but the excess is going to have to be paid by the community council and in reality that’s going to be from tax payers in the village.”

The latest theft last Friday took place in the early evening and follows others from the community centre roof.

“There’s been several thefts over the last few weeks,” said Cllr Renshaw, who dates the community centre to the early 1900s.

“It’s because of the price of all metals at the moment. Lead’s a valuable asset, second hand lead can get a good price.

“It’s left a big hole and there’s been contractors repairing it for about four or five days.”

Bagillt Community Centre is used by a host of community groups including dog training classes, dance lessons and for christenings.

Bagillt Cllr Norma Jones said: “The centre is used by everybody. These people are just ruining it for the village.”