A SCHOOL has been accused of killing sport in its own village by blocking plans to build a new pavilion.

Hope councillor Tim Newhouse said Castell Alun High School was offered a new pavilion to share with the village's sports clubs in February 2009.

But he said the school had refused to allow the pavilion to be built and had put a range of obstacles in the way of Hope’s cricket, football and rugby clubs.

“The school has not only heaped misery on the three teams currently there, but also prevented new teams from being created,” said Cllr Newhouse, who represents Hope on Flintshire Council.

“Had a £100,000 plus pavilion been built free of charge for the school back in 2009, we would now also have junior cricket, rugby and football teams, a rugby league club and a female cricket team in Hope.

“Instead we have a wasteland with a disgusting changing room.”

Cllr Newhouse added: “Even now, despite being able to see the consequences of its actions, the school continues to stop a new pavilion from being built. I dread to think what the future holds for sport in Hope.”

The school's facilities are used by Caer Borderers RUFC, Castell Alun Colts FC and Castell Alun Cricket Club.

Phil Lloyd, a cricket club committee member, said the lack of a pavilion meant the club’s future was bleak.

“We can’t attract any players and our facilities are the worst in North Wales,” he said. “We have been pushing for this development for 20 years but nobody has even told us why the school is objecting.

“Our club has been going since 1975 but it is in real danger. The worst case scenario is that our club will die.”

A spokesman for Flintshire Council said: “A proposal to develop a sizeable sports pavilion building, which has a number of rooms and facilities, along with potential for further extension work has been put forward. However, after consultation with all interested parties it was felt the scale of the proposal was considered to be inappropriate.

“The school favours ideas for a more modest development proportionate to the sports field available providing for a suitable update of what currently exists for changing facilities.

“The provision of anything beyond this is seen as unnecessary as it will be impractical in terms of up-keep, future maintenance and management of the building.”