THE OWNER of one of the dogs at the centre of an attack on a little girl has spoken out.

Andrew Roberts, 22, claims his dog, a staffordshire bull terrier pup, was not to blame for the incident which resulted in a seven-year-old sustaining bite injuries to her am and leg.

Police and an ambulance crew were called to a property in Glaslyn, Plas Madoc, at about 7pm on Sunday and the little girl was rushed to Wrexham Maelor Hospital for treatment.

But, according to Mr Roberts, a furniture maker from Glaslyn, his dog is “the most gentle dog” and would never hurt a child.

He said: “He gets a bit feisty when around other male dogs like all breeds do, but I’ve got a three-month-old baby girl and three-year-old son and he’s so gentle with them.

Mr Roberts claims Sunday’s incident was just an unfortunate accident which could have happened to anyone with any kind of dog. “I’d warned my son, who was in the garden, not to open the back door because the dog was in the kitchen.

“But unfortunately he did for a minute and the dog slipped out.

“The girl, her mum and their dog were walking past and the two dogs had a go at each other.

“What’s happened is, the girl tried to pull her dog away and she’s got hurt in the fight.”

A friend of the girl’s family confirmed the injuries were not serious and that she was recovering well.

Mr Roberts, who also owns a corgi and Jack Russell cross dogs, added: “I would have him put him down myself if I thought he had done anything wrong.

“Even so, I’ve sent him away to another family outside Wrexham so the neighbours know I’m taking it seriously.”