RUSH hour commuters were delayed after a road had to be resurfaced for the second time in less than 10 months.

Contractors had to return to a job deemed “not good enough” on Wrexham Road.

Work was carried out on the B5605, near the turning for Pentrebychan cemetery, in September 2010, but last week the road was down to one lane again and temporary traffic lights were put in place as contractors resurfaced the road.

Cllr Paul Pemberton said the initial work was deemed unacceptable and the contractors returned a second time to put the work right, free of charge.

He said: “They agreed to rip it up free of charge and out of goodwill because the initial work wasn’t good enough.

“There was a problem with the laying of the tarmac around the manholes and the surface was not true, it was quite uneven.

“If it had been left the way it was it would have deteriorated and the council would probably have had to pay for it to be repaired.

“None of us would have been happy then, but fortunately the contractors have accepted their mistake and sorted it out.”

Wrexham Council confirmed the stretch of road had been resurfaced twice in less than a year, and a spokesman said: “The works are being undertaken at no cost to the council and the delay has been down to issues between contractors."

Cllr Pemberton added: “It has been a pain for drivers, especially during rush hour, but I’m just glad the job’s been done properly at last and now it’s as right as rain.”