TWO young girls have been left heartbroken after their pet pony went missing.

Megan, 11, and Amy Watson, eight, of Gyfelia, were devastated when their mum Joanna took them to see their 15-year-old gelding Rusty, who is kept in a field in Brynteg.

On arriving the family were shocked to find the field’s gate had been removed from its hinges and Rusty was missing.

The family believe he has been stolen.

Megan and Amy’s father Bruce said: “We’ve reported the theft to the police but unfortunately they haven’t got a lot of details to go on. We really don’t know what has happened. There were other horses in the field at the time but Rusty was the only one who has gone missing.

“We think that it is possible he could have been stolen to order by someone looking for a pony of around that size.

“My daughters are feeling totally heartbroken. The summer holidays have just started and the girls were greatly looking forward to spending lots of time with Rusty, but now he has been stolen.”

The pony has been with the family for around four years. He is 13 hands in size with strawberry roan colouring.

Mr Watson said Rusty has won a number of prizes from entering contests at pony and horse shows. He was also used by a riding school and was very popular with the students.

“Rusty was ridden a lot by young children which shows that he has a very friendly nature. So many people are deeply upset that he has gone,” Mr Watson added.

If anyone can help with information the family can be contacted by telephoning 07894 078489.