CHANGES to waste collections in Flintshire have left residents confused and resulted in rubbish being left on streets, it is claimed.

Flintshire Council approved the controversial changes last summer and around 12,000 homes are now included in the scheme.

Under the new collection service, food waste and recyclables are collected every week and refuse and garden waste are collected fortnightly.

But Shotton resident Susan Jones, of Green Lane, said not enough had been done to educate people about the changes.

“I think the council is being ignorant by just giving a people a leaflet and expecting them get on with it,” she said.

“Bags of rubbish are being left on the estate and at times it looks like a bomb site.

“There is already a problem with rats and this is only going to make things worse.”

Mrs Jones added: “The collectors could leave a note explaining what the problem is or knock on people’s doors. If they just leave the rubbish on the street then it will stay there.”

Mark Jones, chairman of Higher Shotton Tenants and Residents Association, said he had noticed rubbish being left on streets.

“It doesn’t look particularly nice. It attracts cats and dogs and could also pose a health threat,” he said.

A spokesman for Flintshire Council said: “We are aware of issues of materials being placed in black sacks and left alongside the new wheelie bins and of non-recyclable materials being placed in recycling boxes and bags.

“The council operates a ‘source separated’ collection system and bale recyclable materials at our unit in Flint. This means that our recycling teams have to take out non-recyclable materials and these are left in the box or bag, normally with a note saying why it has been left.”

The council spokesman said households had been provided with a booklet explaining the changes, which also contained collection calendars and a fridge magnet with a ‘fold-out’ advice sheet indicating what to put out and where.

Council recycling officers have also been visiting residents in problem areas and explaining what is required.

Shotton Higher county councillor Ron Davies said: “I’ve not been made aware of any problems but I would ask any residents experiencing issues to contact me and I can promise them I will take it up with the council on their behalf.”

Residents unsure of what to do can contact Flintshire Council’s customer services team on 01352 703350 for advice or visit