EVERY council tenant in need of a new kitchen, heating system or smoke detector will get one within six years.

There will also be funds to upgrade 1,300 bathrooms as part of Flintshire Council’s £51m housing investment plan which was approved by the authority’s executive committee.

The plan will now form part of the council’s offer document to tenants telling them how it will proceed if a vote to pass its housing stock to a newly-created registered social landlord is not passed.

Repairs will be measured against the Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS).

Neil Ayling, Flintshire’s new director of community services, said the plan had been created after consultation with council tenants.

He said: “I believe it is a very helpful investment for the future. The
recommendations fit in with the views of tenants.”

During earlier discussions members of the housing scrutiny committee supported the plan to upgrade smoke alarms and to refit 6,100 kitchens and 4,300 central heating systems.

But some councillors were concerned those who had recently had kitchen refits, but needed bathroom repairs, would be disenfranchised.

The move led to £5m being set aside for bathroom repairs.

Cllr Bernie Attridge, Labour’s spokesman on housing, said: “This is what the council can offer. It proves that your roof won’t fall in if you decide to vote to stay with council ownership.”

A total of 46 per cent of bathrooms in council properties meet WHQS, 18 per cent of kitchens, and 42 per cent of central heating systems.