POLICE are trying to track down the owners of around 20 stolen bicycles they have recovered.

Over the past three months, scores of machines – mostly expensive mountain bikes – have been stolen from locations across the town centre.

These have included homes,  outside shops and supermarkets and the grounds of Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

The man in charge of policing the Wrexham town centre area, Insp Alex Goss, believes all the bikes have been taken by the same gang, who have been selling them on after altering their appearance with paint resprays and by removing equipment from them.

Insp Goss said: “We believe this is an organised group .

“Some of the more expensive machines are worth up to £1,000.”

Most of the bikes were locked up at the time they were taken, with thieves using bolt cutters to sever security chains.

“They (the thieves) can do this and be away with the bike in just a matter of seconds,” Insp Goss said.

He added: “We have managed to recover about 20 of the stolen bikes but it is proving very difficult to trace their owners.

“That is why I am hoping Leader readers will get in touch with us if they have had a bike stolen recently.

“We would also like to hear from people who might have information about any of these thefts or who have been offered what they believe might be a stolen bike.

“My advice to bike owners is to make a note of the serial numbers on them, which will make them much easier to recover if they are stolen.”

Police can be contacted by calling 01978 348367, or 07896 173003.