A KNIFE-wielding robber threatened a shop worker before fleeing with a bag of goods from the store.

The owner of the The Gold Shop in Queensferry, Mark Manning, is now offering a £500 reward for information that leads to the conviction of the offender.

A man entered The Gold Shop on Station Road, Queensferry, at around 9.50am yesterday and threatened a female member of staff before stealing a bag of scrap gold including a fake Rolex watch.

Police sealed off the scene for around two hours while they conducted forensic examinations and a helicopter was scrambled in a bid to track the culprit.

The female staff member was left shaken but uninjured.

Store owner Mark Manning has offered a £500 reward for information that leads to the conviction of the robber. He told the Leader the offender was armed with a knife.

“Our shop was robbed by low-life scum. A guy came into the store wearing a hoodie with a scarf across his face and told the staff member to open the draw,” he said.

“She opened it and he grabbed a bag and made off but all he got away with was a bag of rejects and a confiscated Rolex watch.

“We want this man found and brought to justice.”

Police have confirmed the offender entered the store armed with a “bladed article” and made off with a quantity of jewellery. They are now examining CCTV footage from nearby businesses.

Andy Hughes, owner of Checkpoint on Station Road, saw a man acting suspiciously near the store ten minutes prior to the robbery.

He said: “The next thing I saw were the police cars.

“An officer came in and asked if I had seen anything and that’s when the penny dropped.”

Louise Cooke, from Louise’s Alterations on Station Road, said: “I opened the shop at 9.30am and everything was fine.

“The next thing there was all these sirens and police cars.”

Speaking from the scene, Queensferry councillor David Wisinger said: “It is very concerning when there is a robbery in the town centre.

“I feel it is because of the recession. People are losing their jobs and they are getting desperate and it causes situations like this.

“I’m just relieved that no-one has been injured.”

Sealand Cllr Christine Jones says more bobbies on the beat could deter similar incidents in the future.

She said: “We need more policing in the town centre and more CCTV cameras if this is to become a regular occurrence.”

She is to set up a special meeting with shopkeepers to allay their fears.

Detective Inspector Jason Devonport said: “Police were alerted to an incident at the Gold Shop on Station Road in Queensferry at 9.52am.

“The male offender has made off with a number of items. No-one was hurt during the incident.

“Enquiries are ongoing.”

Anyone with information can call North Wales Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.