A TEENAGER has been locked up for his fourth street mugging.

Phillip Berry, 18, admitted robbing another young man of £10 in Wrexham after he and others attacked him in the town late at night in December.

Mold Crown Court heard the victim, Stephen Williams, was surrounded by three young man wearing hoods who gave him a beating.

As they left Berry, of College Fields, Tanyfron, returned, struck him and demanded money, said prosecutor Debra White.

He was given £10, but was later arrested by police who had been alerted by a resident of Holt Road who witnessed the drama.

Judge Niclas Parry sentenced him to 16 months youth detention and highlighted Berry had three previous convictions for street robbery.

He had received a two year sentence previously and normally sentences went up when people re-offended, the judge said.

But he had admitted what he had done at an early stage.

“This is the kind of street robbery committed by young men that is far too common,” the judge said.

“A wholly innocent man walking home was subjected to a cowardly group attack, three against one, in the early hours.

“You were wearing hoods in an effort to disguise yourselves. He was repeatedly beaten and after he made good his escape you went after him and attacked him again.”

The court heard the victim had been for a night out and was walking home when he was followed by three youths and a girl.

Berry stopped him and asked for a cigarette, he said he did not have one, he tried to continue on his way but was stopped.

Berry struck him and knocked him to the ground. He got up and ran across the road but was chased and surrounded by the three youths and assaulted.

The other two walked away but Berry stopped and went back to him and said: “Give me what you have got.”

Phillip Tully, defending, said it was not surprising Berry had gone off the rails because he had a difficult background.

His mother had died at a young age and his father was an alcoholic.

But there had been a dramatic change in his life. He had a partner who was expecting his child and his partner’s family were in court to support him.

Berry was only 17 at the time of the robbery, said Mr Tully, who suggested a suspended sentence.

“He has finally grown up and wants to put the past behind him.’