THE parents of a little boy living with more than eight medical conditions are appealing for help to make him feel like a star for the day.

Brave Mikey Davies suffers from a range of problems including heart disease and Perthes Disease, a condition which involves the breakdown of the ball and socket joint in his hip.

The five-year-old from Coedpoeth also has asthma, speech problems, ADHD and a skin condition which means parts of his skin turns lighter in the sunlight.

“His skin is all one colour but as soon as he starts to get a tan parts of it go lighter so he has two tones of skin,” said his mum Michelle.

“He has been given cream to treat it but he’s allergic to it.”

Michelle and husband Shane, who have both had to give up their jobs to work as full time carers for Mikey, say he has so many hospital appointments and difficult times because of his illnesses they would like to give him a treat.

They are asking for any ideas or offers of help from Leader readers to make little Mikey feel special for a day.

“He is always the star of his hospital appointments but for his medical reasons,” said Michelle, 44.

“With three other siblings at home we don’t have any time for just him so it would be nice if we could do something to make him feel special.

“I don’t know how he’s managed it but he’s always smiling, he’s so full of sunshine.”

Mikey, a pupil at the Minera Aided Primary School, loves being outdoors.

“He also loves anything with engines or wheels,” said Michelle. “And he loves trampolining but had to stop because of the Perthes.

“It’s upsetting because he’s got conflicting conditions. His ADHD makes him hyperactive and then he’s got heart conditions which mean he has to take it easy.

“As he gets older he should be able to do most things but we’ve been told it’s very unlikely he’ll be able to work.”

Mikey’s parents have also set up a fundraising page to raise money for the Perthes Association, the charity which provides equipment for children diagnosed with the condition.

“It’s all funded by donations,” said Michelle. “Because the disease is very rare they get only get a small amount coming in but the equipment is very expensive.

“The condition means the ball connecting the hips to the legs breaks down completely, they have to wait until it's all broken down before they can treat it – Mikey’s is half gone.

“Once it all goes he won't be able to walk for about two years.

“He’ll have to have a specially adapted wheelchair and legs in plaster with a bar across between them.”

The mother of one of Mikey’s friends at school has written a book of poems and will donate all proceeds from sales to the fundraising page, which has raised £205 so far.

The book will be launched at Wrexham Museum on Thursday, July 21.

To donate to the Perthes Association through Mikey’s fundraising page go to