A ‘CELEBRITY’ horse rescued from slaughter will be reining in some more fans online.

Welsh cob Tog, one of the star attractions at Llangollen Wharf, is set to get his own Facebook page.

And the 13-year-old skewbald barge horse will be posing for his first profile picture tomorrow when he will be shod by the farrier.

Staff at the Wharf are expecting the occasion to draw quite a crowd.

Steve Furniss, director at Llangollen Wharf, said: “We are expecting a crowd of Tog’s fan base. He is so popular and word has got round about his rescue.

“Nowadays a horse being shod, especially a working horse, is rare and interesting sight for many people.

“We put on special shoes to help him get a grip if it rains.“

Tog started working at the Wharf after being saved from the slaughter house and
has become quite a hit with visitors.

He will be modelling his new shoes for his personal photographer and his Facebook page is expected to launch soon.

Along with his equine pals Stan, 19, Geordie, 18, and Taff, 13, the foursome are capable of pulling a full 37-seat narrowboat weighing four tonnes.

Tog will be meeting his fans at the Wharf tomorrow from 11am while he has his
new shoes put on.