A WREXHAM landmark building could end up as a “hotel for rough sleepers”.

That is the warning from a worried councillor after intruders forced their way into the Wynnstay Hotel just days after it was closed with the loss of more than 30 jobs as a result of the financial crisis which has rocked Stephanie Booth.

Yesterday the Leader highlighted the concerns of Cllr Keith Gregory, in whose Smithfield ward the hotel is situated, who claimed the 300-year-old building was vulnerable to attack by vandals and thieves unless it was quickly reoccupied or had adequate security.

Now he has revealed the wreckers have already been at work.

Glass panels beside the doors to the main reception area at the rear of the building were both smashed and boarded up, with broken cups and other items strewn around the floor inside.

Outside the kitchen door, which was wide open, was a large collection of empty and half empty bottles of beer and spirits along with packets of biscuits and empty cereal packets, which appeared to have been taken from hotel supplies.

At the bottom of a nearby flight of steps down to a lower floor there was a used syringe.

Propped up against a nearby wall was a single bed mattress.

Cllr Gregory said: “I warned this kind of thing could happen if the hotel was left
empty but I didn’t realise it would be so quickly.

“Unless there is proper security the place could be devastated inside. I believe the people who got in must be rough sleepers.

“I want to see this very important building properly protected because otherwise it will just become a hotel for rough sleepers and squatters.

“One million pounds was spent on refurbishing it only recently, so it could re-open as a viable business straight away.”

KPMG’s official spokesman was unavailable for comment but Wrexham town centre manager Isobel Watson said: “KPMG has arranged to put on extra security,
with a dog, at the Wynnstay.

“We are staying in close touch with KPMG to try to ensure the building is kept in as good a state as possible.

“It is beautiful listed building and we hope someone will take it on and operate it again as soon as possible.”