AXING the one-way system in Shotton is the best way to solve the crippling traffic problems.

That is according to town councillor Elwyn Jones who says a two-way system on streets off Chester Road West will also ease confusion among motorists.

A one-way system currently operates on Plymouth Street, King George Street, King Edward Street, Alexandra Street and Rowden Street.

Cllr Jones is calling on transport chiefs at Flintshire Council to act urgently. He told a meeting of Shotton Town Council: “We were told to suck and see with the system we have now but it’s not working.

“Traffic would be better distributed through all of streets rather than funnelled through individual streets.

“We should now be looking at redistributing the traffic flow.”

Cllr Dave Evans added: “I can’t seen any reason why the streets can’t be two-way like before.
“The current system is confusing. We have all pulled into a street and been face-to-face with a car that is going in the wrong direction.”
Traffic in Shotton has become a growing concern in recent years.
In 2009 the Leader launched a campaign inviting readers to come up with ideas to ease the traffic woe and were inundated with ideas, including replacing pedestrian crossings with traffic islands, converting bus stops into lay-bys and co-ordinating the bus timetables to prevent two buses arriving at once.
Cllr Jones even suggested building a tunnel under Shotton.
Council leader Tony Sharps said in March 2010 he feared the problem may never be solved.
Transport chiefs at Flintshire Council commissioned a £50,000 survey to establish ways to resolve the traffic problem and the results were due in May.
A spokesman for Flintshire Council said: “It is correct the report was to be delivered in May, however, the county council asked for further information relating to journey times.
“This has recently been received and officers have sought additional clarification on matters raised in respect to this. As a consequence the report is anticipated to be available before the end of July.”