YOUNG mothers are fearing for their children’s safety as drinking, violence and drug use has become a regular occurrence on their street.

Residents of Bryn Way and Daniels Drive, Ruabon, say their lives are being made a nightmare due to the antics of a group of young adults who consistently take part in anti-social behaviour.

They claim the group has been seen fighting in the street and are constantly threatening towards residents and passers-by, including children.

Patience has finally run out for members of the estate after one resident’s five-year-old son found syringes.

Roma Davies, 24, said: “They do it all – domestic abuse, fighting, drinking, walking around with glass bottles and children, including my son, have even found needles in the street.

“It’s been going on for about six months now but it’s really blown up in the last few weeks.”

She added: “It’s disgusting, it’s disgraceful.

“It’s like living in hell when they cause trouble.

“And it’s not just at night, it’s at all times of day.”

A resident of Daniels Drive, who did not wish to be named for fear of reprisals, claimed she was scared to even let her children out for school.

She said: “They have to go miles out of their way so they can avoid the gang because they’re so scared.”

Another resident, Katie Edwards, 24, who is a mother of two young children, said: “It is awful, it can be very intimidating.

“They have sworn at children, sat on my car, kicked my fence and generally tried to intimidate us.

“If I am in the wrong place I really don’t know what could happen.”

Mrs Edwards said she had contacted police concerning the problem and Paul Jones, inspector for Wrexham Rural, admitted North Wales Police was aware of the problem.

He said: “We have received reports of incidents of anti-social behaviour on Daniels Drive and our local police officers are working to tackle the problem.”