DRIVING instructor Matthew Brian Morgan made more than £165,000 from cocaine supply, it was agreed yesterday.

Morgan, said to have won thousands of pounds at poker over the years – was jailed for six years in March after he was convicted of possessing cocaine with intent to supply.

Yesterday he was back at Mold Crown Court for a financial hearing under The Proceeds of Crime Act.

Judge Rhys Rowlands made an agreed order that he had benefited from his crime to the tune of £165,239.

He ruled the amount available to be confiscated would be £18,514.
Morgan, 34, was given six months to pay or face an additional ten months in prison in default.

The court heard the main asset was the house which was on mortgage and the equity needed to be shared equally with his former partner.

The drugs were found at the home of a female friend. In the attic was a safe and plastic bags which contained cocaine valued at about £50,000, together with a cutting agent, but Mold Crown Court heard in March that it had a potential value of more than £220,000 if sold on the streets.

Morgan, of Mount Zion in Brymbo denied possessing the class A drug, with intent to supply to persons known in July 2009, but he was convicted by the jury.

Jailing him for six years, Judge Philip Hughes said he was quite satisfied that Morgan was involved in some way in a commercial enterprise to supply cocaine.

The drugs were in a safe in an attic and a hydraulic press found in a wardrobe had the defendant’s prints upon it.

The packaging of the drugs was analysed and the defendant’s fingerprints were also found on the safe and some of the bags and plastic boxes, the court heard.

Morgan claimed he had moved drugs into the attic because he was concerned his friend was using drugs and wanted to stop her from taking any more.

Morgan said he had won cash found at the house and following a statement from an accountant it was agreed he had won £126,000 playing poker over the previous four years.