A MAN who knocked two other males unconscious outside a takeaway has been jailed for six months.

Duncan Pattison, of Cefndre, Wrexham, was given the custodial sentence by Wrexham magistrates after earlier pleading guilty to causing affray with unlawful violence on Town Hill, Wrexham, early on April 29.

The court heard Pattison, 25, kicked one man in the head and jumped on another as they lay on the ground outside Chicken Yum Yum.

Magistrates were shown CCTV footage of the incident, which depicted Pattison’s involvement and the two men lying on the ground as police quickly arrived at the scene.

Matthew Ellis, prosecuting, told the court the first man was kicked in the head as he lay on the ground and the second was pushed to the floor by Pattison.

The defendant proceeded to jump on him, with the two men on the floor briefly becoming unconscious.

“Both men were unconscious for a brief period of time but the police were able to speak to them at the scene,” Mr Ellis told the court.

Neither of the two men, who were not named in court, pressed charges against Pattison.

When questioned by police, Pattison said he was “about five out of 10” in terms of his drunkenness and his memories of the incident were limited.

The court heard Pattison had been on a night out which included a visit to a restaurant and drinking in bars.

Stephen Warburton, defending, said there was an argument in which one of Pattison’s friends was allegedly punched by a man.

Pattison, a transport supervisor for a Chester-based company, intervened by pushing the man to the ground and kicking him, the court heard.

Mr Warburton said the second male victim then lunged at the defendant, resulting in the man being thrown to the ground and the defendant landing on him.

He said there had been an element of provocation in Pattison’s actions after seeing his friend allegedly punched.

Mr Warburton said: “He accepts he went too far, way too far, as you can see on the video.”

Pattison was said by Mr Warbuton to be extremely sorry for his actions and he could not bear watching the footage again.

Mr Warburton added: “He is ashamed about what happened.”

Chair of the magistrates’ bench, Paul Galloway, said Pattison’s behaviour was a “particularly serious case of public disorder”.

He told Pattison: “It’s fortunate more serious injuries did not occur.”

Mr Galloway added Pattison’s early guilty plea was a factor in why he was not being sent to crown court for sentencing.