A LITTLE boy suffered facial injuries after falling down steps in his council house garden.

Three-year-old Harvey has never been allowed in the back garden of his family home in Dyke Street, Brymbo, because his mum Cindie believes it is too dangerous.

But when she was outside putting the washing on the line, Harvey slipped out of the house.

A few minutes later he tried to climb the garden steps to follow his mum, but they crumbled away beneath him and he suffered nasty cuts and grazes to his face.
Cindie, 30, is now desperate for

Wrexham Council, which owns the property, to make her garden safe – a garden she claims she has been too scared to use for the 10 years she has lived at the property.

She said: “The ground just came away beneath him and he fell face first onto his head.

“I really panicked because there was blood everywhere.

“He must have fallen about four or five feet and was really lucky not to need stitches.”

Cindie rushed Harvey to Wrexham Maelor Hospital where he was kept for a number of hours while doctors assessed his head injury and made sure he was not suffering concussion.

And although he was given the all clear Cindie said his injuries, a nasty graze to his forehead and cuts to his nose, cheek and top lip, took a long time to heal.

She said: “He was really shocked by the accident.

“I don’t think he could figure out what had happened and he just went very quiet which isn’t like him.

“We were really worried he would be scarred, but he’s just about healed now.

“But it’s really scared me and I just want the council to fix the steps and put a fence in where there’s a big drop.

“The garden’s on a very steep slope and the ground is actually starting to come away and slip downhill.

“It’s a death trap.”

Cindie, an art student at Yale and single mum, says she just wants the garden to be safe for Harvey and his 11-year-old sister Jaysie to use.

Council bosses have now promised to carry out the work.

Fred Czulowski, landlord services officer for Wrexham Council, said: “Ms Ashley brought the matter of the fencing to our attention in February of this year but she unfortunately failed to keep our appointment which was subsequently rearranged for April.

“Following this visit the inspector has arranged for a fence and a gate to be installed and I am pleased to say the work will be carried out in the very near future.”