ANOTHER pensioner has been hit with a fine in Wrexham because his disabled badge was facing the wrong way.

Ronald Thomas, 91, of Hightown, was caught out when he parked outside of the Guildhall to pay his water rates.

His daughter Lynn Pugh, 50, said he had used his badge in the family car when they went for a meal at the Wynnstay Hotel.

“My son put his badge back in his car for him after – we didn’t know it had to be a certain way up,” said Lynn.

Ronald didn’t notice his grandson had made the mistake.

“I think it is disgraceful,” said Lynn: “Can they not be asked to report to the office? Maybe give him 24 hours to present it – as if they couldn’t say ‘excuse me could we just have a look at the other side?’

“He didn’t appeal, he just paid it, he didn’t want the hassle. But when you’ve got a minimum coming in, it’s not just a few pounds, you’re looking at the majority of their pension.”

She added: “It’s not a crime, it’s an accident – we’re all human and we all make mistakes. This is so petty.”

The news comes after the Leader reported last week how pensioners Leslie and
Edna Dingsdale were hit with a £70 fine because their disabled badge was facing the wrong way up.

After the story appeared in the Leader the couple appealed against the fine and won.

John Bradbury, head of environment at Wrexham Council said: “Wrexham County Borough Council still offers free parking to blue badge holders in our off-street car parks and highway legislation provides some exemption against certain on-street restrictions.

“In accordance with the advice issued with the blue badge application, it is important that when users display their badge they do so in such a way that all the necessary information is clearly visible.

“We have come across some abuse of the system where badges are displayed that are expired or not used appropriately.

“Our enforcement officers inspect badges carefully and only issue penalty notices if the badges are displayed upside down or if all information isn’t visible.

“This will remain a priority for the parking services team.”